April Fools: Youtube And Google Trick Users Into Site Shutdown And New Features

A great way to promote your site and get more traffic to your website is with video marketing. Many people are using sites like YouTube to get traffic, make sales, and to take over niches one video at a time. You can get a lot of exposure for your YouTube videos if you know how to promote them in the right way.

From there you can see each site’s ranking. If their ranking is 100,000 or less, that is considered very good. Like the inner circle of popular sites. And that’s the ranking for the entire web, not just the category you are searching on. That’s why you’ll see sites like yahoo, youtube, myspace and eBay amongst the top 10. It’s not that your personal youtube subscribers free is number one (wouldn’t that be cool?) but that the entire site is ranked that high.

Be positive, standing in front of the camera is a little daunting at first, but be positive and have a belief in yourself. Be an authority, speak with conviction, NEVER stray from the truth. Aim to do at least 1 video per week and post to as many video sharing sites as possible.

1) It’s called “SOCIAL” Marketing for a reason – A big mistake I see many new marketers make is jumping on Twitter, Facebook, buy youtube subscribers free and others, and begin to market right away. This is the best and fastest way to be ignored. It’s called Social Marketing for a reason – you need to be social! Communicate, interact, ask and answer questions – be a member of the community first.

I found this out with an advertiser I was going to use – they said they had 300,000 visitors monthly. So I checked their information out on Alexa. Turns out they weren’t giving me current stats. Alexa showed they did have that kind of traffic 4 months ago but in the last several months, their traffic had dwindled to less than 100K a month – talk about misrepresentation!

One technique here that could be considered advanced is your thumbnail image. A lot of people don’t consider how their video will be seen in a still frame, but if it’s just an opening credit or a black screen, then most will scroll past your video. Find a great image to use for your thumbnail that bodes well for the overall video.

Who is responsible for your campaign? Social Media is a mix of PR, customer service, marketing and much more. Every company needs to have someone who is responsible for carrying out these tasks and ensuring that it becomes profitable. There are 100’s of social media experts who can show you how to get a positive return on your investment.

So far you have discovered how to get more YouTube subscribers. Firstly you need to find what people want to see or problems they want to answer and create a video for them. Then after uploading your video, you should give your video an appropriate title, description and keywords in order to allow both people and search engine to find you easily. At last but not the least, talk about your video in social networking site and create a blog post for that so that your videos will gain maximum exposures. So take action now and get a lot of YouTube subscribers.

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April Fools: Youtube And Google Trick Users Into Site Shutdown And New Features

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