Top Travel Rules Worth Breaking

Southern California has long been a place of wine connoisseurs and no visit to the area is complete without some wine tasting. If going directly to a vineyard isn’t you cup of tea then you want a wine tasting bar. And Southern California has many wine tasting bars to chose from. I have compiled a list of the top ten with websites included in the description.

Once inside our bungalow we were impressed with the beautiful view. Our windows faced the lake and it was lovely watching the ducks and swans swimming. Serenity Springs furnishes food so you can sit outside and feed the ducks and swans too.

Enjoy appetizers, plenty of wine, and music to enjoy a fun night of dancing, visiting, and spending time together. At midnight, watch the ball drop and include plenty of noisemakers, confetti, and hats for all of the partygoers.

First, I didn’t begin anything without asking what my objective was for doing it. What did I want to accomplish? It didn’t matter if I was taking a shower, making dinner, chatting with a friend or client, or writing. Let me tell you, it sure wasn’t easy to train my mind to answer these. I had taken them for granted for so long, I just did them without thinking. So many times I wanted to toss the task aside as common sense, and how ridiculously small, so why did I need to know the objective? I soon realized that in order to go big you need to start small. The good part was knowing the small was just there long enough.

For a more relaxing excursion go to one of the many wonderful resorts in the area and enjoy a spa day or go for a wine tasting and tour at the Lakeridge Winery.

Dress with finesse. It is likely that your date will put a good deal of care and thought into her outfit, hair and makeup. Don’t show up looking like a slob. Some may argue that a suit is too formal or intimidating for a first date, but it depends on what the date entails. If you are going to a late night dinner, then for a horse and carriage hire for weddings ride, don the suit. Obviously, more casual dates warrant more casual wear. But even if you dress casually, you can, and probably should, still wear a tie. Just experiment with more casual tie knots, such as a black skinny tie or even a retro knit tie.

If you don’t fancy yourself to be royalty, there are other wonderful horse drawn carriages from which to choose. Everyone loves the beautiful coaches that tourists (and romantic locals) ride around Central Park in New York City. This type of conveyance would be perfect for a Big Apple wedding. Even if you can’t get the permits to have the horse and carriage actually bring you to your ceremony, it would still be fun for the newlyweds to take a carriage ride between the ceremony and reception. It is a nice time to grab a few minutes alone, as well as a terrific photo op!

For more information about Dickens of a Saturday, click here. On Saturday, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11, the Star Line Trolley downtown will be running from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. with an extended route, and downtown parking will be free during the day.

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